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Quick summary

Created with Python beginners in mind, but also useful for experienced users, friendly replaces standard tracebacks by something easier to understand, translatable into various languages. Currently, the information provided by friendly is only available in two languages: English and French.

The additional information provided by friendly includes why() a certain exception occurred, what() it means, exactly where() it occurred including the value of relevant variables, and more.

Example The screenshot above was taken on Windows. In some other operating systems you might need to type python3 instead of python: friendly requires Python version 3.6 or newer.

friendly used to be called friendly-traceback.


python -m pip install friendly

This needs to be done from a terminal. In the command shown above, python refers to whatever you need to type to invoke your favourite Python interpreter. It could be python, python3, py -3.8, etc.

For some special cases, including using a specialized editor like Mu that has its own way of installing Python packages, please consult the documentation.


The documentation is available by clicking here.


Aimed at Python beginners: replacing standard traceback by something easier to understand







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