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Dynamic DNS for TransIP
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This project is archived

Archived: this was a quick hack that worked for me at the time. I have not used it in years and am not sure if it even works well any more.

Dynamic DNS for TransIP.

For a very long time I was a happy XS4ALL customer with a static IP address, custom reverse DNS, and all sorts of fancy shit.

Then I moved to a country which doesn't seem to have decent ISPs, and now my IP address changes every week.

I'd like to keep my home address accessible from the public internet. You never know when you might want to phone home. So I wrote a script to automatically update the records.

How to use it

  • Set an initial value for the records manually in the TransIP control panel.

  • Make sure you've got the API enabled in the TransIP control panel. Generate a private key you'll use for authentication.

  • Get this program; you'll need Go:

      go get

    This will put the binary in ~/go/bin

  • Open up config in any 'ol text editor. Set the appropriate values.

  • Build and run the program: go run transip-dynamic.go

  • You probably want to run this automatically every hour or so with cron.


  • transip-dyndns (deals poorly with A and AAAA records; can only set one domain; node.js so difficult to run).
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