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Arquillian Cube

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Documentation for version Alpha6 can be found here:

Documentation for version Alpha5 can be found here:

Documentation for version Alpha4 can be found here:

1.0.0.Alpha7 breaks incompatibility with previous versions in some cases. The major difference is that instead of using the boot2docker keyword to refer to the auto resolved boot2docker ip in the serverUri parameter, you should now used dockerHost.
1.0.0.Alpha13 changes default format from Cube to Docker Compose. In case you are using Cube format you need to update arquillian.xml with <property name="definitionFormat">CUBE</property>

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1. Future work

Some configuration parameters will be modified to fix any possible requirements. Although we are going to try to not break compatibility with previous versions, we cannot guarantee until beta stage.

Feel free to use it and any missing feature, bug or anything you see , feel free to add a new issue.