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OpenSourcerer is my name for the repository of database manipulation, web crawling and other scripts which I put together during the course of my Magic AI research project. Eventually OpenSourcerer will encompas everything from magic deck generation (the current point of work) to card effect processing and actually playing games.

Current State

OpenSourcerer has three main parts at present: the game engine, the database/crawlers and the deck generator. Of these the crawlers and deck generator are being actively worked on at present. Hopefully the game engine will also get some attention in the near future but it is very low priority.

ToDo List

* Improve the performance of the deck database downloading tools
* Clean downloaded card data to ensure uniqueness of card names
* Train a neural network to do land choice for generated decks
* Write, test cosine similarity calculator for card records
* Write, test a way to export Python functions to a database or other record

ToDone List

* Wrote a neural network capable of filling decks with land
* Gather more comprehensive statistics on card usage (crawl EM again)
* Scraped the Gatherer (Wizards official cards database), saved card details
* Scraped Essential Magic, got some preliminary deck statistics
* Assembled the abstraction layers required for the game engine

File Overview

The directly runnable portions of the project are all stored in the root directory. There are two client/server pairs here, as well as the prototype deck generator.

* The client/server pair named "gatherer" is designed to scrape
* The client/server pair named essentialmagic scrape's deck listings
* The deck generator well... does a bad job of generating decks.
* is a tool for testing the clients and servers by hand
* The "" file will eventially execute the game engine


This program was hacked together by a college freshman in his spare time. If you use this code for anything important, you are nuts to put it kindly. That said, all code in this project is copyright 2011 Reid McKenzie <rmckenzie92 AT>. This code and all other code in the project may be used or re-used for any purpose at all, so long as I am made aware of my contribution.