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🏡 My Home Assistant Configs. Be sure to 🌟 my repo to follow the updates!

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Home Assistant Configuration

Here's my Home Assistant configuration. I have installed HA on an Intel NUC SkullCanyon with 32GB RAM and 500GB NVMe SSD. I am currently running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on the NUC and used the virtual environment approach to install HA.

I regularly update my configuration files. You can check my current HA version here. If you like anything here, Be sure to 🌟 my repo!

Other things that I run on my NUC

docker create \
--name plex --net=host --restart=always \
-e TZ="America/New York" \
-e PUID=1000 -e PGID=1000 \
-p 32400:32400 \
-v /docker/containers/plex/config:/config \
-v /docker/containers/plex/transcode:/transcode \
-v /mnt/music:/data/music:shared \
-v "/mnt/media/TV Shows":/data/tvshows:shared \
-v /mnt/bollywood:/data/bollywood:shared \
-v /mnt/hollywood:/data/movies:shared \
  • Machinebox image tagging service in a Docker container using the following command. First obtain your API key and assign it to MB_KEY and then run the container using (you can access the Tagbox interface at
$ sudo docker run --name=machinebox -p 8081:8080 -e "MB_KEY=$MB_KEY" -d machinebox/tagbox

Some of the devices and services that I use with HA

My Home Assistant dashboard

I moved my entire configuration to Lovelace. Here are some screenshots (please note that these may not be the most updated images, but you should get an idea). Home Assistant dashboard

Home Assistant dashboard

Home Assistant dashboard

Home Assistant dashboard

Home Assistant dashboard

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