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By Artefactual

Archivematica is a web- and standards-based, open-source application which allows your institution to preserve long-term access to trustworthy, authentic and reliable digital content. Our target users are archivists, librarians, and anyone working to preserve digital objects.

You are free to copy, modify, and distribute Archivematica with attribution under the terms of the AGPLv3 license. See the LICENSE file for details.


Other resources

  • Website: User and administrator documentation
  • Wiki: Developer facing documentation, requirements analysis and community resources
  • Issues: Git repository used for tracking Archivematica issues and feature/enhancement ideas
  • User Google Group: Forum/mailing list for user questions (both technical and end-user)
  • Paid support: Paid support, hosting, training, consulting and software development contracts from Artefactual


Thank you for your interest in Archivematica! For more details, see the contributing guidelines

Reporting an issue

Issues related to Archivematica, the Storage Service, or any related repository can be filed in the Archivematica Issues repository.


If you have a security concern about Archivematica or any related repository, please see the SECURITY file for information about how to safely report vulnerabilities.

Related projects

Archivematica consists of several projects working together, including:

  • Archivematica: This repository! Main repository containing the user-facing dashboard, task manager MCPServer and clients scripts for the MCPClient
  • Storage Service: Responsible for moving files to Archivematica for processing, and from Archivematica into long-term storage
  • Format Policy Registry: Submodule shared between Archivematica and the Format Policy Registry (FPR) server that displays and updates FPR rules and commands

For more projects in the Archivematica ecosystem, see the getting started page.