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  • CustomMenuText is now on ModSaber!
  • Plugin is now compatible with Beat Saber v0.11.2.
  • Custom text file is now cached the first time it loads, rather than reloading it every time the menu is entered. A random entry will still be chosen every time.
  • Corrected an entry in the example text file (extra digit in a color tag).
  • (For developers) setText() is now a static method, as is the new readFromFile().

See install instructions for v2.0.0. Alternatively, install with Umbranox's Mod Installer.

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IMPORTANT: CustomMenuText.txt has moved from the root of the Beat Saber folder to the UserData directory! Your old file is still compatible, but while you're moving it anyway, check out the new features in v2.0.0 below:

  • Multiple entries are supported! Leave a blank line to separate them; the plugin will pick one at random to display every time the menu loads.
  • Entries can contain more than 2 lines!
    • Entries with a line count other than 2 will display in white by default; use TextMeshPro color tags to recolor them. The default colors are #FF0000 (red) and #0080FF (blue).
  • Lines beginning with # are ignored. Use this if you want comments for some reason.
    • If you want an actual # at the start of a line, either put spaces around the line or put a formatting tag before it.

Not actually a new feature, but check out the TextMeshPro documentation!

To install, just extract the zip into your Beat Saber folder. Edit UserData/CustomMenuText.txt to add new text or delete my unfunny memes.

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Supports Beat Saber v0.11.1.

Tired of playing BEAT SABER? Would you rather play BEAT SAMER, YEET SABER, BEAT MYMEAT, or anything else? With this plugin, you can change the game's title in the main menu! To use, just extract the zip into your Beat Saber data folder (right click the game in your Steam library, click Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files...; Oculus users follow installation instructions from a plugin that has them) and edit CustomMenuText.txt.

Supports up to 2 lines of text of any length. Unicode support is limited; don't blame me, I didn't make the font.
If you use lowercase letters, the plugin will capitalize them for you. If your first line is exactly 4 characters long, the second character will flicker like in the base game. (Depending on the characters you use, they may come out improperly spaced; this is a known issue, and this functionality will be improved in a future version.) If the file is missing or empty, the text defaults back to BEAT SABER.