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Debian initscript for gunicorn_django

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IMPORTANT! This script is not needed anymore, I've sent a patch to
the original Debian's Package and it was accepted and implemented.
From now on, you can find this same features at the default Debian
Package of gunicorn as you can see below:

Debian initscript for gunicorn_django.

 1. Save the files under the same structure of this repository:
    - /etc/init.d/gunicorn_django
    - /etc/default/gunicorn_django

 2. Configure the default settings files:
    - /etc/default/gunicorn_django

 3. Configure your projects settings files:
    - /etc/default/gunicorn_django-PROJ1
    - /etc/default/gunicorn_django-PROJ2

 4. Manage the daemons:
    - /etc/init.d/gunicorn_django start [ PROJ1 [ PROJ2 [ ... ] ] ]
    - /etc/init.d/gunicorn_django stop [ PROJ1 [ PROJ2 [ ... ] ] ]
    - /etc/init.d/gunicorn_django restart [ PROJ1 [ PROJ2 [ ... ] ] ]
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