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A fully customizable static site generator using the power of FAKE
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A fully customizable static site generator using the power of FAKE scripts to easily generate your site.

Building the samples

The samples depend on a local NuGet package of Fake.StaticGen and required add-ons being available, so you'll first have to run fake build in the root of the repo to create all packages in the /packages folder. Then the samples should just build with fake build (assuming a global FAKE install), putting the generated files in the public folder.

Some ideas

  • Find a way to be more lazy when reading in files, and what needs to be kept for big overviews. There is a trade-off between flexibility to let the user do any file transformation they would want and memory footprint. Maybe there is a happy middle?
  • Planned add-on packages:
    • Sass/Less compiler
      • SharpSCSS (and other libsass wrappers) don’t seem to work in a FAKE script environment. Other options: invoke the program (so it’ll need to be globally installed, that’s what Fornax does); use a JavaScript runtime (like Jint or Nil.JS) to run the JS version (could then also easily adapt to Less, Stylus and other JS tooling like minifiers)
    • Easy to use Markdown with frontmatter (YAML, TOML, JSON) for pages
    • Watch mode local server
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