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All rights reserved, except where otherwise noted.

Code organization

  • Custom page variables
    • description: content for meta description
    • headcss: extra css for head
    • headjs: extra js for head
    • jquery: whether jquery should be included
    • h1: what should go inside h1 tags
    • ogimage: og:image url
    • pagetitle: what should go inside title tags
    • secret: true iff page should be published but not sitemapped
  • Includes
    • ga: google analytics js
  • Layouts
    • blank: nothing but {{ content }}
    • default: page without timestamp/tags
    • minimal: complete head, empty body
    • post: page with timestamp/tags
  • Sass partials
    • normalize: normalize.css reset
    • twilight: for pygments
    • tipsy: for tipsy plugin


  • Developing: make serve to http://localhost:4000
  • Publishing: make sync host=*** where host is droplet IP
  • Serving comments: ISSO_ADMIN_PASSWORD=*** make comments
  • Managing comments: /isso/admin on live site

Server config

# Machine setup
mkdir ~/code
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

# Environment setup
sudo apt install ripgrep zsh
cd ~/code
git clone
chsh -s /usr/bin/zsh
cd ~/code/dotfiles
# Log out and then back in

# Nginx setup
sudo apt install nginx
sudo rm /var/www/html
cd ~/code
git clone
sudo ln -s /home/art/code/personal-website/nginx.conf /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/
sudo systemctl service restart nginx

# Isso setup
sudo apt install make
cd ~/code/personal-website
# On laptop: scp /path/to/local/backup.db ***:/home/art/code/personal-website/comments.db