Software to manage your media
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Software to manage your media.

  • Easily scan the media items with barcodes you have via an Android or Desktop application (planned!)
  • Fetch information about the media via Amazon Product API (more planned!)
  • Use the cloud server or host your own instance
  • Open Source Software under MIT license

State: Proof of concept, early stage.

Using the code

Required Software for development:


Setting up development environment:

  • install nodejs
  • install/start mongodb
  • cd to backend directory of angular project
  • copy config.sample.json to config.json and add your Amazon API secrets
  • run 'npm install -d'
  • run 'node backend.js'
  • (optionally) run 'npm install -g supervisor' and use 'supervisor backend.js' to reload changes automatically
  • open http://localhost:3000 in browser

Setting up jasmine tests for backend

  • run 'npm install jasmine-node -g


Credits to dummy3k for layout and idea