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Win32 port of ios-webkit-debug-proxy (no longer maintained, see
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No longer maintained

The project is no longer maintained, windows support was introduced with google/ios-webkit-debug-proxy#193 in the original repo. You can find latest binaries on the releases page of google/ios-webkit-debug-proxy.

iOS WebKit Debug Proxy Win32

Win32 port of ios-webkit-debug-proxy (

The ios-webkit-debug-proxy allows developers to inspect MobileSafari and UIWebViews on real and simulated iOS devices via the DevTools UI and WebKit Remote Debugging Protocol. DevTools requests are translated into Apple's Remote Web Inspector service calls.

For more info please refer to the original README


Get latest MSVC build from SourceForge: Release / Debug

It's a bit complicated to support latest libimobiledevice libs as they don't officialy support MSVC, so I decided to stick to mingw32: Build, x64 Build

Why win32 port?

Of course you can use any vm software to compile and run original ios-webkit-debug-proxy and forward usb/ports but it's not very cool, isn't it?


  • To debug with with ios-webkit-debug-proxy you need to have iTunes installed (after installation you can safely remove iTunes from Programs and Features, just leave Apple Mobile Device Support and Apple Application Support applications)
  • The project compilation was tested with VS2012 and VS2013 only
  • If you want to debug using Safari DevTools on Windows you may find this project useful


  • If you get the "connect: No error" message, please check that Apple Mobile Device service is running
  • If you see open pages of the iOS device for debugging, but when click on them you get a blank dev tools window just click on the shield icon in the address bar and choose "Load unsafe script"

Third Party Libraries

Library License Project Link
libiconv* LGPL
libxml2* MIT
openssl* OpenSSL
pcre* BSD
zlib* zlib
getopt BSD
win32 port
libimobiledevice LGPL 2.1
win32 port
usbmuxd LGPL 2.1
win32 port
libplist LGPL 2.1
win32 port

* win32 binaries provided by