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Quick Flow controller for NodeJS
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QBox - Quick Flow Control library for NodeJS


There are a bunch of NodeJS Flow Control libraries. In order to use most of them you need to change how you program, or learn some new syntax.

Qbox is meant for people who love to code using their natural style and also want to control the flow of their code as they wish.


npm install qbox


Complete After Something Happens

I need to do some tasks after I connect with the database

var $ = qbox.create();

mydatabase.connect(function() {

$.ready(function() {
    //do something

//somewhere else in your program
$.ready(function() {
    //do some other stuff

Complete After a Few Things Happen

I need to do some tasks after I've connected to the database and registry

var go = qbox.ready(['db', 'registry']);

mydatabase.connect(function() { go.tick('db'); });
registry.connect(function() { go.tick('registry'); });

go.ready(function() {
    //do something

//timeout after 5 seconds
go.timeout(5000, function() {
    //show the errors

Browse Tests for more usage patterns

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