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Manage multiple runtime versions with a single CLI tool, extendable via plugins - docs at

asdf-vm is a CLI tool that can manage multiple language runtime versions on a per-project basis. It is like gvm, nvm, rbenv & pyenv (and more) all in one! Simply install your language's plugin!

Why use asdf-vm?

  • single CLI for multiple languages
  • consistent commands to manage all your languages
  • single global config keeping defaults in one place
  • single .tool-versions config file per project
  • support for existing config files .node-version, .nvmrc, .ruby-version for easy migration
  • automatically switches runtime versions as you traverse your directories
  • simple plugin system to add support for your language of choice
  • completion scripts managed by the plugin, not you!


Please head over the documentation site for more information!


See in the repo or the Contributing section on the docs site.