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Aseprite is a program to create animated sprites. Its main features are:


There is a list of Known Issues (things to be fixed or that aren't yet implemented).

If you found a bug or have a new idea/feature for the program, you can report them.


You can ask for help in:


Aseprite is being developed by Igara Studio:


The default Aseprite theme was introduced in v0.8, created by:

A modified dark version of this theme introduced in v1.3-beta1 was created by:

Aseprite includes color palettes created by:

It tries to replicate some pixel-art algorithms:

Thanks to third-party open source projects, to contributors, and all the people who have contributed ideas, patches, bugs report, feature requests, donations, and help me to develop Aseprite.


This program is distributed under three different licenses:

  1. Source code and official releases/binaries are distributed under our End-User License Agreement for Aseprite (EULA). Please check that there are modules/libraries in the source code that are distributed under the MIT license (e.g. laf, clip, undo, observable, ui, etc.).
  2. You can request a special educational license in case you are a teacher in an educational institution and want to use Aseprite in your classroom (in-situ).
  3. Steam releases are distributed under the terms of the Steam Subscriber Agreement.

You can get more information about Aseprite license in the FAQ.