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πŸ’» A CLI to configure WP-CLI with the websites of Local by Flywheel
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⚑ local-wpcli

A CLI to configure WP-CLI with the locally hosted websites of Local by Flywheel.

πŸš€ Getting Started!

Use the following command to install local-wpcli globally.

npm install -g local-wpcli

βœ… Usage

To use local-wpcli,

  1. Open terminal and go to the root of the website folder.
    cd ~/local-sites/local-wp/
  2. Type local-wpcli & press enter.
  3. Before creating the configuration files, it will ask for:
    1. Remote Host (IP Address)
    2. Remote Port

πŸ‘‰ Note: You can find Remote Host & Port in the DATABASE tab of the website in Local by Flywheel's desktop app. Please refer to the screenshot below for help.

🎩 License & Attribution

MIT Β© Ashar Irfan.

This project is inspired by Create Guten Block. Thank you Ahmad Awais for Create Guten Block. It rocks 🀘

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