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Code Review

An eBook attempting to guide newcomers through the code of the exercises used in the Ruby Programming with Shoes course.

  • First Step created by dave (Dave Lilley)
  • Riddles in Shoes created by ashbb (Satoshi Asakawa)
  • All corrections created by citizen428 (Michael Kohl)

Table of contents

  1. Shoes Apps

Change log:

  • Sep 21st, 2009: edited the link to the tutorial.
  • Apr 09th, 2009: Added sample 4a chapter 00101.
  • Mar 11th, 2009: Added sample 9 of chapter 00101.
  • Mar 09th, 2009: Added a new chapter First Step.
  • Mar 08th, 2009: Added some additional questions and links for all Steps.
  • Mar 07th, 2009: Splited long line into two lines in the code for printing. Added information links to Shoes Tutorial Note. Deleted mkbightml feature.
  • Mar 07th, 2009: corrections
  • Mar 04th, 2009: first commit

To do list:

  • Overall review..... Done!
  • Create an additional script call it 4A..... Done!
  • Create sample 9 of chapter 00101.... Done!
  • Add some small challenges. (Suggested by Dave Lilley).... Done!

Let's enjoy Ruby with Shoes course on RubyLearning