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ADB-Enhanced is a Swiss army knife for Android testing and development.

A command-line interface to trigger various scenarios like screen rotation, battery saver mode, data saver mode, doze mode, and permission grant/revocation. It's a wrapper around adb and not a replacement.

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AdbeInstallTests AdbeUnitTests

Install adb-enhanced via pip Install adb-enhanced via homebrew

AdbeUnitTests-Api16 AdbeUnitTests-Api21 AdbeUnitTests-Api22 AdbeUnitTests-Api23 AdbeUnitTests-Api24 AdbeUnitTests-Api25 AdbeUnitTests-Api26 AdbeUnitTests-Api27 AdbeUnitTests-Api28 AdbeUnitTests-Api29 AdbeUnitTests-Api31 AdbeUnitTests-Api30 AdbeUnitTests-Api31 AdbeUnitTests-Api32 AdbeUnitTests-Api33 AdbeUnitTests-Api34


Release announcement

See Release announcement



sudo pip3 install adb-enhanced

Alternative on Mac OS via Homebrew Homebrew package

brew install adb-enhanced


  1. sudo pip install adb-enhanced works only for Python 3. Python 2 is no longer supported.
  2. If you don't have sudo access or you are installing without sudo then adbe might not be configured correctly in the path.
  3. To set up bash/z-sh auto-completion, execute sudo pip3 install infi.docopt-completion && docopt-completion $(which adbe) after installing adb-enhanced.


Device configuration

  • Turn doze mode on

    adbe doze on

  • Turn mobile-data off

    adbe mobile-data off

  • Turn on battery saver

    adbe battery saver on

  • Don't keep activities in the background

    adbe dont-keep-activities on

  • Take a screenshot adbe screenshot ~/Downloads/screenshot1.png

  • Take a video adbe screenrecord video.mp4 # Press ^C when finished

  • Turn Wireless Debug mode on adbe enable wireless debugging


  • Grant storage-related runtime permissions

    adbe permissions grant com.example storage

  • Revoke storage-related runtime permissions

    adbe permissions revoke com.example storage

Interacting with app

  • Start an app

    adbe start com.example

  • Kill an app

    adbe force-stop com.example

  • Clear app data - equivalent of uninstall and reinstall

    adbe clear-data com.example

  • ls/cat/rm any file without worrying about adding "run-as" or "su root"

    adbe ls /data/data/com.example/databases # Works as long as com.example is a debuggable package or shell has the root permission or directory has been made publicly accessible

Device info

  • Detailed device info including model name, Android API version etc, device serial

    $ adbe devices
    Unlock Device "dcc54112" and give USB debugging access to this PC/Laptop by unlocking and reconnecting the device. More info about this device: "unauthorized usb:339869696X transport_id:17"
    Serial ID: dcc54111
    Manufacturer: OnePlus
    Model: ONEPLUS A5000 (OnePlus 5T)
    Release: 8.1.0
    SDK version: 27
    CPU: arm64-v8a
    Serial ID: emulator-5554
    Manufacturer: unknown
    Model: Android SDK built for x86
    Release: 4.4.2
    SDK version: 19
    CPU: x86

App info

  • Detailed information about app version, target SDK version, permissions (requested, granted, denied), installer package name, etc.

    $ adbe app info
    App name:
    Version: 12.17.41
    Version Code: 121741370
    Is debuggable: False
    Min SDK version: 21
    Target SDK version: 26
    Install time granted permissions:
    Runtime Permissions not granted and not yet requested:
    Installer package name: None
  • App backup to a tar file unlike the Android-specific .ab format

    $ adbe app backup backup.tar
    you might have to confirm the backup manually on your device's screen, enter "00" as password...
    Successfully backed up data of app to backup.tar


adbe [options] airplane (on | off)
adbe [options] alarm (all | top | pending | history)
adbe [options] animations (on | off)
adbe [options] app backup <app_name> [<backup_tar_file_path>]
adbe [options] app info <app_name>
adbe [options] app path <app_name>
adbe [options] app signature <app_name>
adbe [options] apps list (all | system | third-party | debug | backup-enabled)
adbe [options] battery level <percentage>
adbe [options] battery reset
adbe [options] battery saver (on | off)
adbe [options] cat <file_path>
adbe [options] clear-data <app_name>
adbe [options] dark mode (on | off)
adbe [options] devices
adbe [options] (enable | disable) wireless debugging
adbe [options] dont-keep-activities (on | off)
adbe [options] doze (on | off)
adbe [options] dump-ui <xml_file>
adbe [options] force-stop <app_name>
adbe [options] gfx (on | off | lines)
adbe [options] input-text <text>
adbe [options] install <file_path>
adbe [options] jank <app_name>
adbe [options] layout (on | off)
adbe [options] location (on | off)
adbe [options] ls [-a] [-l] [-R|-r] <file_path>
adbe [options] mobile-data (on | off)
adbe [options] mobile-data saver (on | off)
adbe [options] mv [-f] <src_path> <dest_path>
adbe [options] notifications list
adbe [options] open-url <url>
adbe [options] overdraw (on | off | deut)
adbe [options] permission-groups list all
adbe [options] permissions (grant | revoke) <app_name> (calendar | camera | contacts | location | microphone | notifications | phone | sensors | sms | storage)
adbe [options] permissions list (all | dangerous)
adbe [options] press back
adbe [options] pull [-a] <file_path_on_android>
adbe [options] pull [-a] <file_path_on_android> <file_path_on_machine>
adbe [options] push <file_path_on_machine> <file_path_on_android>
adbe [options] restart <app_name>
adbe [options] restrict-background (true | false) <app_name>
adbe [options] rm [-f] [-R|-r] <file_path>
adbe [options] rotate (landscape | portrait | left | right)
adbe [options] rtl (on | off)
adbe [options] screen (on | off | toggle)
adbe [options] screenrecord <filename.mp4>
adbe [options] screenshot <filename.png>
adbe [options] show-taps (on | off)
adbe [options] standby-bucket get <app_name>
adbe [options] standby-bucket set <app_name> (active | working_set | frequent | rare)
adbe [options] start <app_name>
adbe [options] stay-awake-while-charging (on | off)
adbe [options] stop <app_name>
adbe [options] top-activity
adbe [options] uninstall [--first-user] <app_name>
adbe [options] wifi (on | off)


-e, --emulator          directs the command to the only running emulator
-d, --device            directs the command to the only connected "USB" device
-s, --serial SERIAL     directs the command to the device or emulator with the given serial number or qualifier.
                        Overrides ANDROID_SERIAL environment variable.
-l                      For long list format, only valid for "ls" command
-R                      For recursive directory listing, only valid for "ls" and "rm" command
-r                      For delete file, only valid for "ls" and "rm" command
-f                      For forced deletion of a file, only valid for "rm" command
-v, --verbose           Verbose mode

Python3 migration timeline

  • Nov 27, 2017 - Code is Python3 compatible
  • Jan 18, 2018 - pip (python package manager) has the updated version which is Python3 compatible
  • Nov 15, 2018 - Python2 based installation discouraged. Python3 is recommended.
  • Dec 31, 2018 - Python2 will not be officially supported after Dec 31, 2018.
  • May 7, 2020 - Python2 no longer works with the current master branch


make lint
make test

Release a new build

A new build can be released using release/ script. Build a test release via make release_debug. Build a production release via make release_production

Updating docs for ReadTheDocs

make documentation

Note that this happens automatically during make release_production.

You will have to do brew install pandoc if you are missing pandoc.

Note: The inspiration for this project came from android-scripts.

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