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AI Editor for the Red Alert 2 and Tiberian Sun computer games.
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C&C AI Editor

This is a program to edit the AI of the Red Alert 2 and Tiberian Sun computer games. To use it you have to extract the rules.ini and ai.ini files first.

The AI configuration file describes a set of rules that trigger the computer to build groups of units that behave according to a script. The AI is relatively simple to design and consists of four basic building blocks:

  • Task Force: This is your group of units.
  • Script: This describes the actions a Task Force will undertake to complete its mission.
  • Team: Combines Task Force and Script with some additional behavioral flags.
  • Trigger: Describes under which circumstances a Team will be created (triggered).

To understand how these are used it is best to start by studying RA2's or TS's AI.




  • TS config file fix of veteran level and removed unused AITrigger condition choices
  • Skipped across list duplicate ID check for AITrigger IDs as vanilla TS has such
  • Added version number to application title text
  • Updated the AIGuide for script action Attack TargetType (0,n)


  • Reverted back non-essential changes in the form designer file.


  • Fixed additional number of duplicate messages on reloading INI files.


  • Added AI Guide for offline reference.
  • Removed the usage of [AIEdit] section for ID generation.
  • Provided StartIndex, IDPrefix and IDSuffix fields in config file for customizing IDs.
  • Config files updated for corrections and for ID related fields.
  • Added duplicate ID check across lists in AI ini.
  • Parsing exception message box will now close the application.


  • Avoid creating duplicate IDs even if [AIEdit] section is deleted from AI ini.


  • TeamType fields of Max/Priority/Techlevel now allows negative numbers.


  • Script action's parameters now allow negative numbers wherever needed.
  • Script actions 53, 54 and 55 now has editable parameters for YR (config\yr.ini).


  • Added an error message with faulty ID before throwing an exception while parsing AI ini.


  • Application path is used to compute the full path of config files.


  • Changed the wording of the error log messages to be more consistent.
  • Updated to ObjectListView 2.9.10.

v2.0.2.2 (by E1 Elite)

  • Crash fix, Script Type/Task Force need not have entries in sequence like Name first or Group last.
  • Crash fix, Techno Types can have negative cost in rules.
  • Bug fix, AITrigger Techno Type entries won't be replaced with another technotype ID if any Techno Type Name falls before in sorting.
  • More log info for possible errors, also duplicate cases logged from rules to certain extent.
  • Additional side placeholder entries in config files, just in case user forgets to edit them when having additional sides.

v2.0.2.1 (by E1 Elite)

  • Techno Type name is appended with its ID.


  • Fixed bug where the last Task Force entry would be swallowed if the Group tag was missing.
  • Names are trimmed when new object is created.
  • Duplicate AI object entries will be logged (they are harmless).
  • Larger text field for renaming.


  • Added error log.
  • Reference counts are decremented when an AI object is deleted.
  • Names and .ini key/value pairs are trimmed.
  • Default values for missing tags rather than crashing.
  • Can copy AI objects.
  • Can double click on AI object reference to jump to it's definition.
  • Seperate config for RA2 and YR.
  • Inserting script action when nothing is selected appends to end of list.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Rewrote the entire program!
  • Cleaned up user interface.
  • Autodetects RA2 and TS modes.
  • Now loads all AI files regardless of how the sections are ordered.
  • Sorted lists for easy searching and organising.
  • AI type references are tracked and you can see what they are used by (right click -> Use Info).
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for most actions.
  • Now distributed under ISC license.
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