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Plug-and-play for in Rails apps
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--~~ Less for Rails ~~--

A plug-and-play hook for the fabulous Less CSS syntax,

If you're deploying to Heroku, go here:

              -- Usage --
      1. Install the gem, `gem install less`       
      2. Install the plugin, 
        `script/plugin install git://`
      3. Create public/stylesheets/yourfile.less
      4. Use <%= stylesheet_link_tag "yourfile" %> in the views, as normal.
      It will generate one .css for each .less
      in public/stylesheets.
    -- It knows about production mode --
          In production mode, it only compiles the CSS when
          the application boots.
          In development mode, it compiles the CSS all the
          time, so that you can edit your .less and reload
          the site to see how it looks. It is very fabolous,
          and the plugin has won many prizes for this.
                          -- Git --
                      Are you using Less for all your stylesheets? Perhaps
                      you should add `public/stylesheets/*.css` to your
        -- Me --
  I am August Lilleaas.
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