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Welcome to Azure SignalR Service

This repository contains documentation and code samples for Azure SignalR Service.

Azure SignalR Service is an Azure managed service that helps developers easily build web applications with real-time features.

This service supports both ASP.NET Core SignalR and ASP.NET SignalR. SignalR is an open source library that simplifies the process of adding real-time web functionality to applications.

The ASP.NET Core version is not a simple .NET Core port of the original SignalR, but a rewrite of the original version. As a result, ASP.NET Core SignalR is not backward compatible with ASP.NET SignalR (API interfaces and behaviors are different). If it is the first time you try SignalR, we recommend you to use the ASP.NET Core SignalR, it is simpler, more reliable, and easier to use.

For more information about SignalR, please visit SignalR official site.

If you're new to Azure SignalR Service, this repo contains useful documentation and code samples that can help you quickly get started to use this service.

To learn how to use Azure SignalR Service, you can start with the following samples:

ASP.NET Core SignalR samples

More advanced samples are listed as below:

Archived Chat Room Example under AspNetCore 2.1 version:

ASP.NET SignalR samples