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CMakeLists.txt file generator


gen-cmake [options]


-h show this message
-t <type>, --type=<type> generate project with <type>. Supported types:
    app - generate execurable application
    shared - generate dynamically linked library
    static - generate archives of object files
-n <name>, --name=<name> project name
-s <standard>, --standard=<standard> C++ standard. C++11 is used by default
    available options are: 03, 11, 14
-p <package1,package2,packageN>, --packages=<package1,package2,packageN> comma separated
    list of libraries to link with

Example (will generate CMakeLists.txt with C++11 and BOOST libray linkage):

> python3 -t app -n test_app -s 11 -p boost

NOTE: not tested on Windows.