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beego is an open-source, high-performance web framework for the Go programming language.

Merge pull request #1052 from dockercn/develop

Fix the wrong parameter bug in ledis session support cause build failure
latest commit c4aa33fb1b
astaxie authored
Failed to load latest commit information.
cache redis provider for session and cache support select db
config Clean json config. Fix DefaultStrings
context fix the cycle import
example change the jQuery URL
httplib code simplify for package httplib
logs code simplify for package logs
middleware error support controller
migration fix the gofmt
orm Merge branch 'develop'
plugins Return the response directly if it's a options PreflightHeader request
session Reform the ledis_session.go
swagger update the documents & comments
testing update the documents & comments
toolbox beego task list update for task spec list and task run url error
utils Fix RequestURI nil caused template parse failed
validation update the documents & comments
.gitignore improve null pointer panic message
LICENSE update all files License development
admin.go beego task list update for task spec list and task run url error
adminui.go beego task list update for task spec list and task run url error
app.go fix #978
beego.go change the version from 1.4.2 to 1.4.3
config.go error support controller
config_test.go update the documents & comments
controller.go fix the cycle import
controller_test.go changing my package namespace to astaxie
docs.go update the documents & comments
error.go add more error functions
filter.go fix #751
filter_test.go update the documents & comments
flash.go beego: flash add success & Set
flash_test.go change this to short name
log.go Revert "logs:default support fileline"
memzipfile.go update the documents & comments
mime.go update the documents & comments
namespace.go error support controller
namespace_test.go update the documents & comments
parser.go Reword message about reloading packages..
router.go error support controller
router_test.go change this to short name
staticfile.go error support controller
template.go add compare_not/not_nil methods for template
template_test.go update the documents & comments
templatefunc.go Added support to parse slices of ints and strings in ParseForm func
templatefunc_test.go add compare_not/not_nil methods for template
tree.go improve the empty router
tree_test.go improve the empty router

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