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pkg_gpxtrack / Joomla Custom Field for dispaying a GPX-Track


  1. Install this package via Joomla! installer. Please activate the plugin via Extension | Plugins before you use it. If you do not find the plugin entry, you can search it via the search field.


  1. Allow the upload of GPX-Files Open Global Configuration and click in the left side menu Media. After that add ,GPX,gpx to the field Legal Extensions (File Types) and ,text/xml to the field Legal MIME Types.


  1. Open the menu Content | Articles and select in the left side menu fields. After that click new in toolbar on the top.


  1. Now you can create the field At least you have to fill the title and you have to select the type aggpxtrack. At the end you have to click the toolbar button save and close.


  1. Open the menu Content | Articles and select in the left sidebar articles. Click on one article for editing this article.


  1. Open the fields tab and select a GPX-Track If you not allready have uploaded a GPX file, you can upload a GPX-Track into the media manager of your website.


  1. See your GPX-Track in the front end



Download the GPX-Datei

If you want, you can allow to download the GPX file in the frontend. Simply set the download link option to yes in the options of the custom field. In the front end you will see a link below the map. If you click this link, the GPX file is downloaded.

Tile Server

You can choose the Tile Server. You can choose

  • Google Maps,
  • Openstreetmaps,
  • Openstreetmaps.BlackandWhite,
  • Thunderforest,
  • OpenTopoMap or Mapbox.
    If you choose Mapbox, Thunderforest or Google Maps you have to insert your own access token. You can request this from the respective map provider. The license terms can also be viewed at the respective card provider.

Display options

You can choose which elements of your GPX track to display. By default, the three elements

  • Track,
  • Route and
  • Waypoint
    are displayed. You can also specify the color of the line of the track. And last but not least, you can specify the icons user-defined. Here you can choose from all Font Awesome Icons. With custom icons, you can freely set the start icon, end icon and each waypoint icon. You can choose the
  • icon image,
  • a background color,
  • a symbol color and
  • a custom class.
  • You can also specify whether the icon image should rotate.

If there is a sym-Tag in your GPX file, you need to add a Icon for this - see Issue 8.

Additional Information of the GPX File

If your GPX file contains more information, you can display this imformation below the map. In Custom Field options, select which information to display. You can choose

  • Distance,
  • Name of the track,
  • Start time,
  • Moving time,
  • Total time,
  • Moving pace,
  • Moving speed,
  • Total speed,
  • Elevation (min),
  • Elevation (max),
  • Elevation (gain),
  • Elevation (loss),
  • Average heart rate and
  • Average temperature.
    The entry appears in the frontend below the map. Each entry has a CSS ID and can be created in the custom.css - or user.css - of your template.

Elevation profile

You can display the elevation profile for the GPX track on the map. The option is located at the bottom of the Custom Field options. If you activate the elevation profile, you will see additional options.

More Options

You can also show KML overlays, enable live tracking, and switch to front end full-screen mode or add a button so that the user can decide if he wants to view the map or not. The latter is useful if privacy is important to you.

All parts of this extension

Plugin: Fields - Aggpxtrack

You habe to actiate this extension. It is the main part of this extension.

Component - Aggpxtrack

The Component is used for showing a view for selecting the GPX-File.

Plugin: Installer - Aggpxtrack

This extension is currently not used.


What is a gpxtrack?

It is a file in the format GPX or GPS Exchange Format

Is it possible to display the map within an article?

Yes, it is.
You can add the Custom field with the help of a editor button in your articel:
Articles  Edit   test   Administration To prevent the map from appearing automatically in front of or behind the article, you must turn off Automatic Viewing. How to do it shows you the next picture. Articles  Edit Field   test   Administration

Support and New Features

This Joomla! Extension is a simple feature. But it is most likely, that your requirements are already covered or require very little adaptation.

If you have more complex requirements, need new features or just need some support, I am open to doing paid custom work and support around this Joomla! Extension.

Contact me and we'll sort this out!


Joomla Custom Field for dispaying a GPX Track on a Map - you can choose an OpenStreetMap or GoogleMaps. With much options. For example: One option is an elevation profil.




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