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Astronomy Broker based on Apache Spark
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.github Modifications made to Apr 29, 2019
bin Add new filter snialike Jan 20, 2020
conf Bump hbase version to 2.2.3 Jan 21, 2020
datasim Remove old ZTF data using schema version 3.1 for new data using schem… Dec 9, 2019
docker update the readme Nov 26, 2019
fink_broker update distribution schema with latest change Dec 9, 2019
libs add missing fink-broker jar... Nov 26, 2019
project Add Spark Structured Streaming sink for HBase (Scala). Provide jar, b… Apr 5, 2019
schemas Push new Fink schema version in the documentation Jan 7, 2020
src/main/scala Fix the catalog to be json valid & cast arrays as string May 23, 2019
web Add classification tab for history Jun 4, 2019
.coveragerc omit coverage for slackUtils Sep 7, 2019
.dockerignore Remove fink-science and fink-filters from the image to allow dev Nov 28, 2019
.gitignore Update the .gitignore to not track local notes/ folder Nov 7, 2019
.travis.yml Remove old ZTF data using schema version 3.1 for new data using schem… Dec 9, 2019 Add section in CONTRIBUTING about naming PR branch Apr 10, 2019
Dockerfile normalise path Nov 28, 2019
LICENSE Initial commit Feb 25, 2019 update the readme Nov 26, 2019
build.sbt Bump to version 0.4.0 Nov 26, 2019
codecov.yml Stop worrying about decimals Jun 4, 2019
requirements-docker.txt Use scikit-learn instead of sklearn in the requirements... Jan 6, 2020
requirements.txt Dummy commit to clear cache Jan 21, 2020 add and flatten the python module structure: python/fink_bro… Jun 10, 2019 Exclude slackUtils from sonar analysis Sep 10, 2019

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Latest News

  • Fink was featured at the Spark+AI Summit Europe 2019.
  • Fink is participating to the LSST call for community broker! Stay tuned for more.
  • Fink has been selected to the Google Summer of Code 2019! Congratulations to cAbhi15 who will work on the project this year.


Fink is a broker infrastructure enabling a wide range of applications and services to connect to large streams of alerts issued from telescopes all over the world.

Getting started

Learning Fink is easy whether you are a developer or a scientist:


Fink's documentation is hosted here.

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