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Astropy package template

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This is a package template provided by the Astropy project.

Using this template, packages can make use of the setup, installation, and documentation infrastructure developed for the astropy core and affiliated packages.

For more information, see:

Using this package template

Using cookiecutter

This package template makes use of the cookiecutter package to make it easier to get started with the package template. You will need to install cookiecutter which can be done easily using conda or pip:

conda install -c conda-forge cookiecutter gitpython

pip install cookiecutter gitpython

Once you have cookiecutter installed you can run:

cookiecutter gh:astropy/package-template

Which will ask you a series of questions to configure your package.


The master git branch of this repository contains a version of the template populated with placeholders. This allows the package template to be used directly without using cookiecutter, although a number of manual steps are required. For this reason the cookiecutter approach is recommended.

Improving the package template

If you want to modify this package template to add or fix things, the folder that the user ends up with is {{ cookiecutter.package_name }} in this repository. Everything in the repository that is not in this folder is not part of the template that the user will have rendered.

For further information on writing templates for cookiecutter see the cookiecutter docs.