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MineTexas CivilizationCraft Minecraft Plugin Fork

CivilizationCraft is a massive, server side Minecraft modification written for Bukkit. In CivilizationCraft, players band together to construct camps, towns, and civilizations which go on to research technology, engage in diplomacy, build wonders, and fight for world dominance.

This fork of Civcraft is used by the MineTexas CivilizationCraft Minecraft Server:

Compiled versions of this plugin can be downloaded from our website:

Installation Instructions



AvRGaming LLC

  • Netizen539 (Ryan Jones) Plugin Programmer, Game Designer
  • Robosnail (Adam Osness) Game Designer, Template Artist
  • Precurssor (Fletcher Almond) Template Artist
  • DrDibble (Eli Osness) Template Artist

  • Ataranlen (Nathan Stoltenberg) Plugin Programmer

Additional Contributors

The community at

A special thanks to HighlifeTTU and LazerTester from the ShotBow Network at