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A set of C#/.NET extension methods and other extra classes for Selenium WebDriver
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A set of C#/.NET extension methods and other extra classes for Selenium WebDriver. Is a part of Atata Framework.

Supports .NET Framework 4.0+ and .NET Core/Standard 2.0+.


Add Atata namespace:

using Atata;

Use extension methods for IWebDriver, IWebElement, By, etc.:

RemoteWebDriver driver = GetSomeDriver();

// Sets the retry timeout as 7 seconds. The default value of the timeout is 5 seconds.

// Get the visible element within 7 seconds. Throws NoSuchElementException if the element is not found.
IWebElement element1 = driver.Get(By.Id("some-id"));

// Get the visible element safely (without throw on failure) within 7 seconds. Returns null if the element is not found.
IWebElement element2 = driver.Get(By.XPath(".//some[xpath]").Safely());

// Get all the visible elements within 15 seconds.
ReadOnlyCollection<IWebElement> elements = driver.GetAll(By.ClassName("some-class").Within(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(15)));

// Get the hidden element safely at once (without retry).
IWebElement element3 = driver.Get(By.CssSelector(".some-css").Hidden().Safely().AtOnce());

// Get the element of any visibility unsafely at once.
IWebElement element4 = driver.Get(By.Id("another-id").OfAnyVisibility().AtOnce());

// Gets a value indicating whether the element exists at once.
bool isElementExists = driver.Exists(By.Name("some-name").Safely().AtOnce());

// Waits until the element will be missing within 15 seconds; else throws NotMissingElementException.

// Get the element using the chain of By.
IWebElement element5 = driver.Get(By.Id("root-container").


Atata is an open source software, licensed under the Apache License 2.0. See LICENSE for details.

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