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Helps in migrating 'JSF Renderer extension', 'Octopus', to Atbash 'namespaces'
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Helps in migrating 'JSF Renderer extension', 'Octopus', ... to Atbash 'namespaces'

Program asks for a root directory, the directory where the maven pom.xml is located.

It recursively searches for all *.java, pom.xml and *.xhtml files.

. Within the java files, it converts the import statements . Within the pom files, it converts the groupId, artifactId, version, and properties tag content. . Within the xhtml files, it converts the xml namespaces.

It is never a goal to be able to convert all possible projects flawless. Just an aid to make it easier for you. So please make a copy of your code (if your code isn't under source-control) before you run this program. :)

Under construction

For testing, set the directory containing the Maven project within the method



Let me know the issues or the improvements that you have with/for the Migrator!!

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