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Binder DOI

This repository contains the data and code for our paper:

Poorthuis, A, D. Power and M. Zook, (2019). Attentional Social Media: Mapping the Spaces and Networks of the Fashion Industry. Annals of the American Association of Geographers

An interactive version of the maps related to this paper (including all keywords, instead of the limited number of figures in the paper) is available at:

This repository contains all the data and code needed to reproduce the results and figures in our paper. Although we are not able to share the raw Twitter data publicly, the aggregated counts per hexagon for each fashion keyword, with which all the results can be reproduced, are found in analysis/data/derived_data/. The steps taken to produce this aggregated dataset can be found in:

The steps needed to recreate the figures found in the paper can be found in:

How to download or install

You can download the compendium as a zip from from this URL.

Or you can install this compendium as an R package, geographyoffashion, from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


Text + figures and data: CC-BY-4.0

Code: See the DESCRIPTION file

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