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## What is in this repository?

This is an [Open Build Service (OBS) Source
to allow clang builds for Debian packages.

An OBS instance using this package to rebuild Debian Unstable packages against
clang is available at [](

## How to use this package?

Since this Source Service is supposed to be used in `buildtime` mode, it must be available
to the OBS project as a package (just build this package in your OBS project and make sure
the `Use for Build Flag` is enabled).

Then, you must activate the source service for the target package. To do so,
read [OBS Source Service
In short, you need to add a `_service` file to the target package working
directory with the following content:

<service name="clang_build" mode="buildtime" />

and trigger the target package build.

Check the build log, searching for `Running build time source services...` to
make sure your source service was triggered.

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