@romaninsh romaninsh released this Aug 10, 2016 · 840 commits to develop since this release

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Maintenance release to include some of the bugfixes.

  • Change: classes Field_One, Field_Many and Field_SQL_One are renamed to Relation_One, Relation_Many and Relation_SQL_One respectively. (old classes will remain for compatibility until 1.2) #86
  • Added: hasMany()->addFields(['foo','bar']); (#77)
  • Fix: addCondition('foo', ['a','b']) no longer sets default value for field foo (#77)
  • Fix: addField(new Field(), 'name') displays error to remind you to use add(new Field(), 'name') (#77)
  • Change: traversing hasOne reference without loaded record no longer generates exception but gives you un-loaded model. (#78)
  • Added: hasOne('client_id', ['default'=>$d]) will now properly set default for client_id field (#78)
  • Fix: When building sub-qureies, alias is properly used. (#78)
  • Added: Advanced documentation
  • Added: Field->set($value) as a shortcat for $model['field'] = $value #81
  • Added: Support for mandatory flag on field. addField('name', ['mandatory'=>true]) #87
  • Fixes: #80, #85,