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Nyxt browser

Nyxt [nýkst] is a keyboard-driven web browser designed for hackers. Inspired by Emacs and Vim, it has familiar keybindings (Emacs, vi, CUA), and is infinitely extensible in Lisp.

Attention: Nyxt is under active development. Please feel free to report bugs, instabilities or feature wishes.


For an exhaustive description of all of the features, please refer to the manual.

Fast tab switching

Switch easily between your open tabs via fuzzy search. If you are looking for, you could type in ele, exa, epl, or any other matching series of letters.

Multiple marking

Commands can accept multiple inputs, allowing you to quickly perform an operation against multiple objects. In the example below we simultaneously open several bookmarks.

Powerful bookmarks

Bookmark a page with tags. Search bookmarks with compound queries. Capture more data about your bookmarks, and group and wrangle them in any way you like.

Multi tab search

Search multiple tabs at the same time, and view all the results in a single window. Jump quickly through your open tabs to find what you need.

History as a tree

History is represented as a tree that you can traverse. Smarter than the “forwards-backwards” abstraction found in other browsers, the tree makes sure you never lose track of where you’ve been.


Supported platforms:

  • GNU/Linux
  • macOS (in development)
  • Windows (in development)
  • FreeBSD (unofficial)


The Nyxt team maintains the following distribution means:

Non-official distribution means are supported by the community as well. We’re not accountable for their quality, so we kindly ask to report issues to the maintainers of those packaging efforts.


Please refer to the developer’s documentation at documents/