Django app to send SMS with Twilio
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This is a simple Django application which can send SMS messages using Twilio's API.

How to install

$ cd my_django_project
$ git clone twilio_sms
$ pip install twilio

Then edit to look like this

    # ... skip ...

TWILIO_NUMBER = "+1-my-number"

Update DB tables:

./ syncdb

How to use

Fill your DB with some info about users (if need be)

$ ./ sms_import --help
Usage: ./ sms_import [options] <filename.csv filename2.csv ...>

Import name/email/number (s) from CSV

Send messages to everyone or just a single number:

$ ./ send_sms --help
Usage: ./ send_sms [options] <text> --everyone | <number number ...>

Sends SMS text to the specified number(s) (or everyone)

More info

Pricing info is available at