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Markdown Preview + Community Features
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Markdown Preview Plus (MPP)

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Markdown Preview Plus (MPP) is a fork of Markdown Preview that provides a real-time preview of markdown documents.

Should you have any problems while installing or using MPP please open up a new issue.



We also have a more detailed description of features.

  • Quickly open a preview of any markdown with ctrl-shift-m
  • Math rendering with persistent macro support, toggled with ctrl-shift-x
  • Optionally use pandoc with citation support
  • Live reload while editing
  • On demand synchronization
  • And many more...


Long instructions can be found here. In short steps:

  1. Search for and install markdown-preview-plus in Atom's Settings view.
  2. Search for and disable the built-in package markdown-preview.
  3. (Optional) Install and enable Pandoc.


Please see options for further details on configuring MPP and math for more details on math rendering. For basic usage:

  • Toggle Preview: ctrl-shift-m
  • Toggle Math Rendering: ctrl-shift-x



Also of interest might be issues marked as "help wanted"


Markdown Preview Plus (MPP) is released under the MIT license.

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