Markdown Preview Plus -- Enables Chrome to render markdown files as HTML
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Markdown Preview Plus

Automatically parses markdown files (.md) into HTML. This is useful if you're writing markdown (ultimately targeting HTML) and want a quick preview.

Get it for Chrome


  1. Support auto reload.
  2. Support external css file.
  3. Customize theme for every md file.
  4. Support github flavored markdown.
  5. Export nicely formatted HTML.
  6. Support MathJax.


  1. Install extension from webstore (creates no new UI)
  2. Check "Allow access to file URLs" in chrome://extensions listing: fileurls
  3. Open local or remote .md file in Chrome.
  4. See nicely formatted HTML!

Math Syntax

Markdown Preview Plus uses the MathJax engine to support rendering of mathematical expressions. Markdown Preview Plus supports the following math syntax. To minimize interference between Markdown and MathJax, some standard LaTeX delimiters (indicated below) are disabled by default to avoid conflict with Markdown syntax. LaTeX syntax can be enabled in the options.

Inline Math

  • Single Dollar Signs (requires LaTeX delimiters): $math$. When LaTeX syntax is enabled, dollar signs used in non-math contexts should be escaped with a backslash: \$

  • Single Backslash with Parentheses (requires LaTex delimiters): \(math\). Conflicts with Markdown's escaped syntax for parentheses \(.

  • Double Backslash with Parentheses: \\(math\\)

Display Math

  • Single Backslash with Brackets (requires LaTeX delimiters): \[math\]. Conflicts with Markdown's escaped syntax for brackets \[.

  • Double Backslash with Brackets: \\[math\\]

  • Double Dollar Signs: $$math$$

  • LaTeX Environments (always available when MathJax is enabled)

    • \begin{equation}math\end{equation}

    • \begin{eqnarray}math\end{eqnarray}

    • ...


Thanks to Kevin Burke for his markdown-friendly stylesheet, to chjj for his JavaScript markdown processor, to Boris Smus for his Markdown Preview and to Swartz and Gruber for Markdown.