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Atom keymap

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Atom's DOM-aware keymap module

var KeymapManager, keymaps;
KeymapManager = require('atom-keymap')

keymaps = new KeymapManager
keymaps.defaultTarget = document.body

// Pass all the window's keydown events to the KeymapManager
document.addEventListener('keydown', function(event) {

// Add some keymaps
keymaps.loadKeymap('/path/to/keymap-file.json') // can also be a directory of json / cson files
// OR
keymaps.add('/key/for/these/keymaps', {
  "body": {
    "up": "core:move-up",
    "down": "core:move-down"

// When a keybinding is triggered, it will dispatch it on the node that was focused
window.addEventListener('core:move-up', (event) => console.log('up', event))
window.addEventListener('core:move-down', (event) => console.log('down', event))


The tests for this module must be run in Electron because they depend on browser APIs.

  • devtool is bundled as a development dependency to run the tests.
  • Native modules need to be compiled against the version of Electron included with devtool. Be sure to run electron-rebuild be sure recompile native dependencies before running tests.
  • Tests can be run in batch mode with npm test
  • If you want to use the debugger, profiler, etc or just speed up your flow by being able to refresh the devtool window to re-run tests, use the npm run test-drive script. This will keep devtool open instead of exiting after the test run.