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Sample Code/SetJSONDemo

Atomic Tools

A collection of useful Objective-C code and other items of use to iOS and Mac OS X developers. Most of this has been blogged about at Cocoa is my Girlfriend.

  • NSObject+setValuesForKeysWithJSONDictionary.h: Safer alternative to setValuesForKeysWithDictionary: for use when importing JSON. Works with any object with declared properties corresponding to JSON dictionary keys. Detailed discussion is at CIMGF.

  • NSObject+deallocBlock.h: Add a block to any object that will execute when that object is deallocated. Described in detail at CIMGF.

  • NSData+reallyMapped.h: Create an NSData object using a memory mapped file. Works even though dataWithContentsOfMappedFile: is deprecated in iOS 5.0 and NSDataReadingMappedAlways doesn't always (despite the name) create memory mapped instances. Described in detail at CIMGF.

  • Two bash functions useful for converting iOS-optimized PNGs back into standard PNGs. These functions rely on the xcrun command-line tool and probably require that Xcode 4.3 or higher be installed. Based on Daniel Jalkut's zsh version.

Important note

All Objective-C code in this repository is designed for use with automated reference counting (ARC). If you are not using ARC you may experience memory leaks or worse.