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Unicode 9.0


A simple CSS framework built to implement Twemojis (designed by Twitter) easily like FontAwesome.

TwemojIcons are based on Twemojis v2.2 which offers 2000+ emojis which can now be used in websites with a simple and minimal code.


TwemojIcons depends on the Twemoji CDN by MaxCDN and obtains the scalable vector graphics for the emojis from them.


TwemojIcons are simple to implement.

Just include the twemojicons.min.css along with the resources on your website.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/twemojicons.min.css">

Add the code <i class="ti emoji_name"></i> at the place where you want the emoji to appear on your site.

Add skin_tone_name-st class to add skin tone to human twemojicons.

You can also add spin, rotate-* and flip-* classes to the emojis to add the various effects.

A full list of emoji names can be found Here.

This project was built to provide an easy access to the Twemojis available for web development and design. Although inspired by various projects, No code has been plagarized 'as is' and no design in the emojis has been modified or misused.

Feedback is always welcome.


Code licensed under the MIT License:

Graphics licensed under CC-BY 4.0: by Twitter Inc.