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@atutor atutor released this Jun 19, 2018 · 4 commits to master since this release

This ATutor release has a few new additions, and lots of fixes and refinements. Existing ATutor sites should be updated to take advantage of the new tools and many improvements. To get right to it, follow the links to the demos and download. For details, read on.

New in ATutor 2.2.4

  • GameMe: Customizable course gamification, with points, levels, badges, and a leader board. Add an element of competition, rewards for accomplishments, tailor messages and notifications to fit the goals of the course. Add just one game element or add them all. Customize events for their “value” in the course, and assign rewards that encourage particular behaviours. Badges, levels, and events can be customized at the system and course levels. Administrators can create new events to expand on the collection provided.

    For GameMe details see:
    * GameMe Documentation
    * Installing and Using ATutor GameMe (8:56)

  • HelpMe: New users quickly become skilled ATutor users by following the Instructor or Administrator HelpMe Guide. The guide walks a new user through key features. It can be repeated as often as needed, or dismissed. Administrators can customise and create new messaging for the guide.

Other Notable Updates

  • Compatibility Updates: Updated for compatibility with Mysql 5.7 and php 7.2 systems.

  • AChecker System Preference: ATutor sites now need to obtain a free key from, and add it in the system preferences to provide accessibility checking when creating ATutor content. The key is found on your Profile page as the “Web Service ID”.

  • Disconnecting from At the end of July, or there abouts, and will be decommissioned. Features served from like the patcher, translation, modules, and themes, will no longer have direct access from within ATutor. ATutor will continue on from, where you can download modules, themes, and languages, then upload them into ATutor.

  • ATutor Languages on Github: ATutor translations are now available through github, and can be directly imported from within ATutor. Create or update a translation with a Github pull request.

For a full list of changes in this release see the ChangeLogs for ATutor 2.2.3 & 2.2.4.

A Future Trivia Question Answer

ATutor V2.2.3 was never officially released. Its changes were rolled into V2.2.4, when GameMe and HelpMe were added. It was the only version skipped in the sequence of versions beginning with ATutor 1.0 in 2001.

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