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Audaspace 1.3.0 is a bug fixing release without changes to the API, but two small new features.

  • New features:
    • linear interpolation for volume changes in the software mixer
    • dynamic Loading for JACK
  • Bug fixes:
    • renamed Jack to JACK
    • C API was not working
    • filter python API parameter check
    • finding ffmpeg with pkgconfig

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Audaspace 1.2 many new features implemented by Juan Francisco Crespo Galán. Check them out!


  • New features:
    • sound list
    • random sounds
    • dynamic music playing
    • playback manager
    • convolution/reverbation
    • multi-threading
    • binaural audio
  • API changes:
    • changing default sample rate from 44.1 to 48 kHz
  • Bug fixes:
    • several standard library fixes.
  • Bindings API:
    • mixdown C API refactored
  • CMake/Building:
    • assuring numpy is installed
    • building the Python module on Mac OS X with CMake

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Audaspace 1.1 comes with just a little new features for the bindings API, but these make using audaspace with python so much better! Also: for windows the releases uses Visual Studio 2015 and Python 3.5 now.


  • Bug fixes:
    • pkgconfig uses cmake configured library directory
    • FFMPEG file writing crashed, also corrected pts for encoding
    • silenced Doxygen warnings about undefined defines
  • C++ API:
    • ResampleReader uses specs instead of sample rate
  • Bindings API:
    • writing sounds to files
    • reading sound data, specs and length
    • resampling sounds
  • CMake/Building:
    • first steps towards building for Mac
    • windows builds copy dlls automatically
  • Python module:
    • using distutils instead of setuptools
    • added numpy as dependency
  • Documentation:
    • added windows building and plugin documentation
    • disabled html timestamps in doxygen
    • updated sphinx template
    • build binding documentation without installing the python module

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This is the first official release of audaspace as a standalone version.

Windows users can find prebuilt libraries (audaspace-1.0-win$arch.zip) or they can find all the dependencies to build the library (build-dependencies-1.0-win$arch.zip). To build from source on windows, I recommend the following directory structure:

  • audaspace (contains the source, eg. CMakeLists.txt)
  • build (build directory for cmake)
  • install (configure this directory in CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX)
  • lib (contains the lib folder from build-dependencies-1.0-win$arch.zip)

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First release candidate for audaspace 1.0!