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🔨 | Advanced and cute moderation discord bot as an entry of Discord's Hack Week!
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Moderation-based Discord bot initally created for the Discord hackweek, now it is still regularly maintained.

Invite the public version here

Join the support server (Dondish Central) here

How to use the bot?

Check out the wiki!


First, check our contributing guidelines and code of conduct.


  • Auto Moderation - Prevents raids, spam, ads and many more!
  • Lockdown command - locks one, multiple or all channels for a specific role downwards
  • Moderation commands - many moderation commands to simplify your moderators' work.
  • Moderation Log and Cases - easy and organized way of seeing the actions done by you and your mods!
  • Advanced warning system and auto punishments - automatically punish those who commit offenses!

Setting up the bot

  1. Clone the repository using Git: git clone
  2. Install dependencies with NPM (included in Node.js): npm i (or with Yarn yarn)
  3. Create an application.yml file in your working directory (see the example for more information)
  4. Compile TypeScript (install TypeScript with npm i -g typescript or with Yarn yarn global add typescript): tsc
  5. Run the bot in the dist directory: node bot.js
  6. 4 and 5 can be bypassed by running npm run main.

Bot credentials (+ extra information) and personal touches are obviously your responsibility. You should know this by now, I hope.

Example application.yml

environment: "development"
databaseUrl: "mongodb://localhost:27017/database"
mode: "development"
sentryDSN: "your sentry DSN"
  token: "TOKEN"
  prefix: "x!"
  host: 'localhost'
  port: 6379



  • August#5820 (Lead) (GitHub)
  • dondish#0001 (Development Lead) (GitHub)

Hackweek Participants

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