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Catalyst4222 commented Feb 17, 2022

What is the feature you're proposing?
Currently, it's hard to check if two objects (e.g. Members) refer to the same item on discord. I would like a way to easily check if two objects are the same, and preferably also be able to store those objects in places that need hashes (sets and dict keys)

One simpler way to do this would be to create a mixin which has methods for __eq__ and `__hash

documentation enhancement good first issue
KILLEliteMaste commented Jul 23, 2021

Currently i.e. Message#edit(String) only updates the message content instead of removing the embed and components. The method should be changed to "replace" the message with the given new content and corresponding new methods i.e. Message#editContent should be added to only update the specific field.

breaking-change good first issue
Squ1dboi commented Aug 17, 2020

I got all requirements and followed all the steps, but when I opened, nothing happens! it says
Unable to read Config file.
Importing necessary modules and checking installations.
RTBFiles directory not found.
downloading config,json
and then, nothing happens. can someone help?

good first issue

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