Assets 2
  • ADD: VoidTag helper
  • ADD: Element helper
  • ADD: Support additional attributes on Scripts helper
  • ADD: Support multi check boxes
  • ADD: Support "Internal" Styles and Scripts
  • DOC: Various documentation and phpDoc fixes.
  • FIX: .travis.yaml

@pmjones pmjones released this Mar 27, 2015

Assets 2

This release modifies the testing structure and updates other support files.

@pmjones pmjones released this Mar 23, 2015

Assets 2

This release fixes a bug in Checkbox/Radio helpers by adding a feature. Previously, the helpers used strict checking of values, which was an unintentional holdover from previous versions. They both now have a strict() method, just like the Select helper, that allows you to turn strict checking off and on. The default is "off."

It also includes a fix to the Escaper encoding lists: they were previously using "iso8859-" and now use "iso-8859-" (note the added dash, per the listing at

Finally, the links, metas, scripts, styles, and title helpers now allow one-off use by passing values directly to the helper invocation. See the updated documentation for these helpers for more information.

@pmjones pmjones released this Mar 16, 2015

Assets 2

This release has SECURITY FIXES. All users are encouraged to upgrade immediately.

  • SEC: The AbstractChecked helper, which is the parent for Radio and Checkbox, now HTML-escapes the label. Previously, no escaping was applied.
  • SEC: The Textarea helper now HTML-escapes the value. Previously, no escaping was applied.
  • SEC: The Select helper now HTML-escapes each option label. Previously, no escaping was applied.
  • FIX: The attributes for the Label helper now default to array() instead of null.

@pmjones pmjones released this Feb 28, 2015

Assets 2
  • FIX: Return empty string instead of null in AbstractList::__toString
  • DOC: Branch alias 2.1 for the service config has been changed
  • DOC: Fix typo in AttrEscaper::__invoke() doc comment
  • DOC: Fix typo in HelperLocator::has() doc comment
  • ADD: Add Helper/AnchorRaw for anchors w/ unescaped text; adds the helper, the factory to the locator, and the test.
  • DOC: Various fixes to soothe PHPDocumentor.

@pmjones pmjones released this Nov 7, 2014

Assets 2
  • CHG: Disable auto-resolve for container tests and make config explicit.

@pmjones pmjones released this Oct 5, 2014

Assets 2
  • DOC: Updated docblocks and README files.
  • CHG: Renamed services using new rules: "aura/html:escaper" and "aura/html:helper".
  • TST: Add new container integration tests.

@pmjones pmjones released this Aug 30, 2014

Assets 2

First stable 2.0.0 release.

  • DOC: Updated docblocks and README files.
  • FIX #18
  • FIX #17: Input helper now extends HelperLocator rather than composing it. This helps support easier DI configuration.
  • CHG: Standardize all input helpers to return self.
  • CHG: Allow Input::__invoke() to return the input locator object
  • CHG: Allow Label::__invoke() to return the label object
  • ADD: Class "Escaper" as a helper.
  • FIX #6: In Select helper, add placeholder() and strict() methods, and no longer uses strict equality by default.