The official command line tooling for Aurelia. Use the CLI to create projects, scaffold components and bundle your app for release.
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Aurelia CLI

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This library is part of the Aurelia platform and contains its CLI implementation. To keep up to date on Aurelia, please visit and subscribe to the official blog and our email list. We also invite you to follow us on twitter. If you have questions look around our Discourse forums, chat in our community on Gitter or use stack overflow. Documentation can be found in our developer hub. If you would like to have deeper insight into our development process, please install the ZenHub Chrome or Firefox Extension and visit any of our repository's boards.


You can read documentation on the cli here. If you would like to help improve this documentation, the source for the above can be found in the doc folder within the framework repository.


  1. Clone the aurelia-cli: git clone
  2. Go into the cli directory: cd cli
  3. Run npm install
  4. Link the cli with: npm link
  5. Create a new project with au new or use an existing project. The linked CLI will be used to create the project.
  6. In the project directory, run npm link aurelia-cli. The linked CLI will then be used for au commands such as au run

Running the Tests

Run npm test to run the unit tests