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A listing and listing collective management system
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Enthusiast, but using PDO instead of the deprecated MySQL extension. Requires at least PHP 5.4, and compatible with PHP 7.


  • Converted all mysql_* functions to PDO
  • Replaced all instances of TYPE=MyISAM with ENGINE=MyISAM
  • Replaced ereg() with preg_match()
  • Updated PEAR to v1.10.5
  • Updated PEAR/Mail to v1.4.1


If you are using this version of Enthusiast:

  1. Back up all your current Enthusiast configurations, files, and databases first.
  2. Take note of your database information in all your config.php files.
  3. Download a ZIP copy of this repository, then extract the contents.
  4. Edit the contents of enthusiast/config.sample.php with your database information and save it as enthusiast/config.php.
  5. Replace your current installation files with the contents of the enthusiast/ folder from this repository.
  6. In every fanlisting folder, paste the config.sample.php file. Edit your database information and listing ID variable accordingly, and save it as config.php to overwrite your old one.


  • The original Enthusiast script was written by Angela.
  • The conversion of mysql_* to PDO to make this PHP 7 compatible was done by Lysianthus.
  • Further modifications are customizations of my own (@aurenen). Check commit logs for details (changes are tested on dev first, before merging into master).
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