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Auro Wallet Browser Extension


Auro Wallet provide one-stop management for MINA assets, convenient staking, and the private key is self-owned. Auro Wallet is aiming to provide a more convenient entrance of the Mina protocol.

  • Friendly UI/UX.
  • Secure local accounts storage.
  • Intuitive Assets management.
  • Simplified staking.
  • Available for Chrome&Firefox.
  • Support English and Chineses.



  • react 17.x.x
  • npm 10.5.0
  • yarn 1.22.19
  • node v20.12.2


Auro Wallet extension repo uses git-secret to encrypt the endpoints and the api keys. So, you can't build this without creating your own config file. You should create your own config.js file in the folder. Refer to the config.example.js sample file to create your own configuration.


yarn dev


yarn build

Extension's build output is placed in /dist, and you can check out this page for installing the developing extension.


UI Test

yarn storybook

LIB Test

run bottom sh and will open url in the chrome http://localhost:6006/

yarn test

Contributing for Translation

We are thrilled that you like to contribute to Auro Wallet. Your contribution is essential for keeping Auro Wallet great. We currently have auro-wallet-browser-extension and auro-wallet-mobile-app .

File structure

Our languages are stored in src/i18n directory. The naming rule of the language is language code standard. If language code contains -, you need to change the - to _.

For all people

You can use weblate to add new translations to Auro Wallet or update existing translations. if you want to add more languages, please join telegram and ping admin.

For developer

You need to pull the code from github first, and then switch to the feature/translate branch. If you need to update the existing translation, directly edit the content of the target file. If you need to add a new language file, please add a new language file according to the language encoding requirements, such as tr.json. After completion, you need to submit a PR to the feature/translate branch for merging.


Apache License 2.0