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Hi there,

I had a similar request for popup.el as auto-complete/popup-el#28, and I thought I'd contribute the per-instance based max-width, in a separate pull request as indicated. I also thought @laynor's addition to choosing the maximum width as ratio or character based value was cool so I added that in as well.

@toumorokoshi toumorokoshi referenced this pull request in auto-complete/auto-complete Jan 13, 2013


Adding customizable ac-max-width to auto-complete #202

@@ -34,6 +34,14 @@
;;; Utilities
+(defun calculate-max-width (width)

tkf Jan 13, 2013


Please add popup- prefix. Also, please remove the trailing whitespace in the next line.

@@ -471,6 +480,9 @@ number at the point."
MIN-HEIGHT is a minimal height of the popup. The default value is
+MAX-WIDTH is the maximum width of the popup. The default value is nil (no limit)
+if a floating point, the value refers to the ratio of the window. if an int, limit is in characters.

tkf Jan 13, 2013


Please do M-q to make the docstring narrower. If you look around the docstring in the code, it's about < 70 always.

@@ -501,7 +513,8 @@ KEYMAP is a keymap that will be put on the popup contents."
(unless point
(setq point
(if parent (popup-child-point parent parent-offset) (point))))
+ (if max-width

tkf Jan 13, 2013


Super minor point, but let's use when instead of if, when we are not using the else clause.


tkf commented Jan 13, 2013

Other than the minor points I mentioned on the source code:

  • Why not add max-width also to popup-tip and popup-menu*?
  • This pull request also breaks "multiple of 10" restriction. If we remove this restriction in #28, we can pull this request as-is.

Thanks for the tips! I'm not super knowledgeable about the elisp world so it's helpful to get comments.

I've added a couple commits that add max-width to popup-tip and popup-menu* as well as fixing those points made in the comments.

I made a separate commit for the rounding depending on whether you want the "multiple of 10" restriction or not. I thought it would make sense to enforce that when choosing a width based off of the window, but not for specific character lengths, so I left the latter case alone.


m2ym commented Jan 21, 2013

Great work but I'm skeptical about the ratio option of max-width. Is it really useful rather than just specifying max-width like :max-width (* 0.3 (window-body-widht)) at the client side? Is it sure there is no corner case?

By the way, I've added few comments on your commits. Please take a look.

Thanks for catching that typo, I have no idea how that worked before! I've committed a fix.

I suppose the scaling max-width is not necessary, people can just set it like you stated. I think it would be useful though. I mainly wanted this ability because I ran into issues with auto-complete and found that a large summary fills the whole screen with no space for tips:

Screenshot from 2013-01-21 21:42:55

I personally want to set the max-width to a value relative to the buffer size, so I can see the tooltip regardless of how wide the buffer is:

Screenshot from 2013-01-12 23:06:51

I think most people want popups to scale relative to buffer width, not to a limited number of characters. Although I could be wrong.

Only corner case I can think of is the difference between 1 (1 character) and 1.0 (full width of buffer). I thought the distinction could be made clear by choosing an int or float.

petrux commented Nov 28, 2013

I agree with @toumorokoshi: it would be good to have popups that scale with the buffer width. I'm not that good in elisp (i.e. I just know it exists :-P) but I'd be glad to contribute in whatever way I can.

@petrux petrux referenced this pull request in jorgenschaefer/elpy Nov 28, 2013


Document popup size and content #166

@tkf @m2ym can we get this merged in? If the max-width being a proportion is a problem I can change it, I see the advantage to just having users set it explicitly.

syohex added a commit that referenced this pull request Jan 23, 2014

Support max-width for popup instance
Patch of pull request #29 cannot be merged now. I fix it for
current popup.el.

syohex commented Jan 25, 2014

@toumorokoshi I have merged max-width feature. Please report us if you have problems.
And sorry for too late reply.

Thanks for good changes.

@syohex syohex closed this Jan 25, 2014

@syohex Thanks so much for merging this! I appreciate it, especially making a new request to make the merge easier :)

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