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Increase the pageviews on your WordPress site and reduce bounce rates as readers continue reading your posts infinitely scrolling down the page.
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Auto Load Next Post

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Auto Load Next Post, Infinite post scroll for WordPress

Welcome to the Auto Load Next Post repository on GitHub. Here you can browse the source code, look at open issues and keep track of development. I recommend all developers to follow the blog to stay up to date about everything happening in the project or simply view the public roadmap.

If you are not a developer, please use the Auto Load Next Post plugin page to download the latest release from

Want to contribute to the project? Then please read the contribute guidelines clearly.

🔔 What is Auto Load Next Post?

Auto Load Next Post is a WordPress plugin developed to increase your pageviews by engaging the site viewers to keep reading your content rather than increasing your bounce rate.

It simply automatically loads the next post on your blog once the user has reached the bottom of the initial post the viewer is reading and repeats the process as the user reads your content until there are no more posts to load.


  • Customizable repeater template
  • jQuery event triggers plus 3rd-party support
  • Reduce page load by hiding the post comments
  • Track pageviews with Google Analytics. Requires Google Analytics to be applied on your site first for this to work.
  • Developer friendly
  • Works with any theme or framework, even child-themes
  • WordPress Network / Multisite Supported

Want more? See what is coming soon with Auto Load Next Post Pro.

📘 Guide

📖 Documentation

You can find documenation available at:

💽 Installation

You may:

  1. Clone the GitHub repository:, or..
  2. Download the latest release from the GitHub repository, or..
  3. Download the plugin from the WordPress repository.
  4. Go to WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New.
  5. Click Upload Plugin at the top.
  6. Choose File and select the .zip file you downloaded in Step 1,2 or 3.
  7. Click Install Now and Activate the Auto Load Next Post.

If you also want to test out beta releases, you can download the beta tester plugin which will replace your installed version of Auto Load Next Post with the latest tagged pre-release on GitHub.

Note to Beginners

Auto Load Next Post is a plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites. This means you will need to switch from to if you want to use this plugin on your WordPress site.

🐛 Found a Bug?

If you find a bug within Auto Load Next Post, please report the issue by creating a ticket on the GitHub repository where I can deal with it more appropriately. Please ensure that you read the guidelines for contributing prior to submitting your report. To help me solve the issue, please be as descriptive as possible.

⭐ Support

Need help? This is a developer's portal for Auto Load Next Post and should not be used for general support. Please visit the support forum on if you need help.

🦄 Contributions

Anyone is welcome to contribute to Auto Load Next Post. If you have a patch, or stumbled upon an issue with Auto Load Next Post, please read the guidelines for contributing to this repository.

There are various ways you can contribute:

  1. Raise an Issue on GitHub
  2. Send a pull request with your bug fixes and/or new features
  3. Provide feedback and suggestions on enhancements

👅 Translation Support

Auto Load Next Post is in need of translations. Is the plugin not translated in your language or do you spot errors with the current translations? Helping out is easy! Translate Auto Load Next Post.

📚 Libraries Used

The libraries above are used with the plugin.

👍 Contribute

If you or your company use Auto Load Next Post or appreciate the work I’m doing in open source, please consider supporting me directly so I can continue maintaining it and keep evolving the project.

You'll be helping to ensure I can spend the time not just fixing bugs, adding features or releasing new versions but also keeping the project afloat. Any contribution you make is a big help and is greatly appreciated.

Please also consider starring and sharing 👍 the project repository! This helps the project getting known and grow with the community. 🙏

I accept one-time donations and monthly via

  • My PayPal
  • Bitcoin (BTC): 3L4cU7VJsXBFckstfJdP2moaNhTHzVDkKQ
  • Ethereum (ETH): 0xc6a3C18cf11f5307bFa11F8BCBD51F355b6431cB
  • Litecoin (LTC): MNNy3xBK8sM8t1YUA2iAwdi9wRvZp9yRoi

Auto Load Next Post is released under GNU General Public License v3.0.


Auto Load Next Post is developed and maintained by Sébastien Dumont.

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