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Update TypeScript recipe for new extensions support

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This guide assumes you've already set up TypeScript for your project. Note that AVA's definition has been tested with version 2.8.3.
## Configuring AVA to compile TypeScript files on the fly
You can configure AVA to recognize TypeScript files. Then, with `ts-node` installed, you can compile them on the fly:
"ava": {
"compileEnhancements": false,
"extensions": [
"require": [
It's worth noting that with this configuration tests will fail if there are TypeScript build errors. If you want to test while ignoring these errors you can use `ts-node/register/transpile-only` instead of `ts-node/register`.
## Compiling TypeScript files before running AVA
Add a `test` script in the `package.json` file. It will compile the project first and then run AVA.

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